Super Saturday!

Super Saturday!

Don’t even bother looking through this blog for any interesting info on muscle tears, back pain or ligament ruptures – you won’t find it!

The achievements of Team GB yesterday (in particular) was totally astounding. Above all else what makes me so proud of their performances is that generally as a sporting nation we do not thrive when favourites. Whether it’s the expectation, a slight lack of self belief or simply other countries determination to put one over the “Brits”, we have often failed at the last hurdle. On Saturday 4th August 2012 there was a swagger and inner belief in all of our competitors for the World to see. Marvellous!

So all I want to do is to thank all those people involved, from the Olympians themselves to their parents, the coaches, the therapists, the fund raisers, and also those unbelievable spectators. Yesterday was a very, very special day.

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