Acupuncture in Ascot

Acupuncture has been central to OpenHealth since the clinic’s inception.

We are fortunate to be able to call upon our acupuncturist, Imogen Hall, for her clinical expertise and skills.

From youngsters to old age and from head to toe, Imogen aims to address patient concerns swiftly and efficiently, with prompt referral where appropriate.

Our physiotherapists and osteopaths also make regular referrals to Imogen for suitable cases.


The Acupuncture Team

Imogen Hall


What is Acupuncture and what does it do?

The insertion and manipulation of fine needles at various points to help calm the body’s neural and hormonal pathways. Not only only effective in giving pain relief from headaches or tennis elbow for example, but also more systemic conditions such as IBS.


Restoring health to the body

Our acupuncturists have the extra luxury of working within a multi-disciplinary team. So, when a more significant injury is detected, we can refer you in-house to one of our Osteos or Physios.


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