Rehabilitation & Pilates


Rehabilitation & Pilates

Rehabilitation and Pilates have been a core part of Openhealth’s ethos since the clinic’s inception.

Our team of Rehab Trainers and Pilates Instructors are responsible for taking patients to the next level of health and function post injury, as well as trying to minimise re-occurrence. It’s a huge advantage having our Rehabilitation Studio and Trainers on site.


The Rehabilitation and Pilates Team





What is Rehabilitation and what does it do?

If our Osteos or Physios feel there is a distinct benefit to be gained, they will advise a short series of one to one sessions with one of our Specialist Rehab or Pilates trainers. Our Rehab Studio is fitted with Technogym Kinesis, the four module core-centred dynamic mobility equipment. This allows users to move tri-dimensionally, whilst providing resistance to every possible movement of the human body. The Trainers are able to re-create almost any movement pattern, from the complexities of a golf swing to the simplicities of loading and unloading a dishwasher. Our Pilates is floor based and utilises fundamental core principles to enable you to progress your injury recovery and help prevent re-occurrence


What will my appointment consist of?

Having spoken with your referring practitioner, your Rehab/Pilates trainer will evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Chris, Darryl or Laura will then coach you through a series of achievable exercises, some of which you will be encouraged to repeat at home. This will most likely involve balance, stability and strengthening work. Follow up sessions will be aimed at progressing your recovery further.


What results can be achieved from Rehabilitation?

Research has shown that structured Rehabilitation Protocols can both expedite both recovery to full health or return to your chosen sporting activity. This will also facilitate a reduction in the possibility of re-occurrence.


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