Rehabilitation & Pilates


Rehabilitation & Pilates

Rehabilitation and Pilates have been a core part of OpenHealth’s ethos since the clinic’s inception.

Our team of Rehab Trainers and Pilates Instructors are responsible for taking patients to the next level of health and function post-injury, as well as trying to minimise re-occurrence. It’s a huge advantage having our Pilates Studio on site and experienced rehabilitation available from our skilled practitioner.


The Pilates Team

Laura Starr

Shirley Berryman


What is Pilates and what does it do?

Our Pilates is floor- and reformer-based and utilising fundamental core principles to enable you to progress your injury recovery and help prevent re-occurrence


What will my appointment consist of?

Laura or Shirley will want to know about you and your injury history to help them put together the best sessions possible.

It may be that you are referred by another member of our team, in which case they will facilitate the smoothest transition possible.


The Rehab Team

Graeme Rider

Toby Pollard-Smith

Rebecca Wills

Minal Desai


What results can be achieved from Rehabilitation?

Research has shown that structured Rehabilitation Protocols can both expedite both recovery to full health or return to your chosen sporting activity. This will also facilitate a reduction in the possibility of re-occurrence.


What will my appointment consist of?

Your session will be with one of the physios or osteos listed above and related to your presenting injury. Sessions often mix manual work and rehab, and we are able to use our studio when more space is required.


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