Osteopathy in Ascot

Osteopathy has been central to Openhealth since the clinic’s inception.

Our team of Osteopaths look after hundreds of patients each month and is well regarded by both GPs and Surgeons throughout the area.

From newborns to old age and from head to toe, our experienced team of osteopaths aim to address patient concerns swiftly and efficiently, with prompt referral where appropriate.


The Osteo Team

Graeme Rider

Toby Pollard-Smith

Marie Caublot

Abigail Cook


What is Osteopathy and what does it do?

Contrary to popular belief, Osteopaths treat more than bad backs. At the very centre of Osteopathy is the belief that the body operates as a single unit in which structure governs function. This philosophy governs all bodily functions from the movement of our limbs to the competence of our cardiovascular system.

To be an osteopath means being able to assess and treat the whole body, seeing the interactions between body parts and systems, and intervening where healthy function has been disrupted.


Restoring balance to the body

An Osteopath has a uniquely wide set of tools to choose from. The aim is to restore balance to the body, not just in how it moves, but also in how it functions between activity and rest. For example, joint mobilisation can help improve the flexibility of joints whilst massage and stretching techniques can improve muscle function.

There are also indirect techniques, such as cranial and functional which can help calm the body, enabling a better environment for repair.


Multidisciplinary Team

Our Osteopaths have the extra luxury of working within a multidisciplinary team. So, when more strength or movement coaching is required, we can refer you in-house to one of our Rehab experts.

Alternatively, many patients find Sports Massage of great benefit, and our Osteopaths can liaise with our Massage Therapists about your individual case to maximise the benefits.


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