Cranial / Paediatric Osteopathy


Cranial/Paediatric Osteopathy in Ascot

Cranial Osteopathy has been central to OpenHealth since the clinic’s inception.

From newborns to old age and from head to toe, cranial osteopathy aims to address patient concerns gently, swiftly and efficiently, with prompt referral where appropriate.


Cranial/Paediatric Osteopathy Team

Abigail Cook


What is Cranial Osteopathy and what does it do?

This form of treatment, despite its name, does not always focus on treatment of the head or skull. Cranial Osteopaths work on the entire body, so you will often find your practitioner works on your lower back or limbs as well as the head.


The process of


Our body’s tissues have a gentle involuntary rhythm that is driven by our Central Nervous System. With training, this rhythm, can be palpated in a similar way to how a GP can take a pulse in your wrist. It is a way of monitoring your body’s current state of health and can be affected by areas of the body where bones, ligaments and muscles have been strained or injured by events such as trauma and shock.


Multidisciplinary Team

Our Osteopaths have the extra luxury of working within a multi-disciplinary team. So, when more strength or movement coaching is required, we can refer you in-house to one of our Rehab experts.


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