Physiotherapy in Ascot

Physiotherapy has been central to OpenHealth since the clinic’s inception in Ascot Business Park.

Our team of Physiotherapists look after hundreds of patients in Ascot and the surrounding areas each month and are highly regarded by GPs and Surgeons throughout the area.

From youngsters to old age and from head to toe, our physiotherapists aim to address patient concerns swiftly and efficiently, with prompt referral where appropriate.

We are also lucky to have Minal Desai, a specialist upper limb physiotherapist. She is able to tackle all presentations of shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand pain and has strong connections with local upper extremity surgeons.

You can avoid long NHS waiting lists, and get immediate access to physiotherapy – no insurance policy required.


The Physio Team

Juliet Methven

Minal Desai


What is Physiotherapy and what does it do?

Through movement, exercise, manual therapy, electrotherapy, advice and education, physiotherapists help people affected by injury. They help patients manage pain and prevent disease.


Restoring health to the body

A physiotherapist has a wide set of skills. Their aim is to restore health to the body, not just in how it moves, but also in how it functions between activity and rest. For example, joint mobilisation can help improve the flexibility of joints whilst massage and stretching techniques can improve muscle function.


Multidisciplinary Team

Our physios have the extra luxury of working within a multi-disciplinary team. So, they may refer patients to our osteopaths for a different opinion, or to our sports massage therapists for soft tissue work. We also have lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, Pilates and rehab available to help get the best results for our clients.


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