Sports Massage


Sports Massage in Ascot

Sports Massage has been central to Openhealth since the clinic’s inception.

Our team of Massage Therapists look after hundreds of patients each month and are well regarded by GPs and Surgeons throughout the area.

From youngsters to old age and from head to toe, Sam and Laura aim to address patient concerns swiftly and efficiently, with prompt referral where appropriate.


The Sports Massage Team

Samantha Hendy

Laura Starr

Laura Sparling


What is Sports Massage and what does it do?

Sports Massage is a deeper form of massage designed to address the soft tissues of the body. Quality blood supply and the elimination of waste products associated with energy production are vital for our connective tissues’ well-being.


A combination of massage and stretching

A combination of massage and stretching techniques will be utilised on specific areas of the body. It corrects problems and imbalances in the soft tissues caused by repetitive physical activity, postural overload or even trauma.


Multidisciplinary Team

Our Sports Massage therapists have the extra luxury of working within a multi-disciplinary team. So, when a more significant injury is detected, we can refer you in-house to one of our Osteos or Physios.


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