The Importance of Rehab (and Prehab)!


The Importance of Rehab (and Prehab)!


Nothing is more enjoyable than running those extra miles on the road or working hard at the gym. Even getting out for a daily walk or a round of golf can be the tonic for modern life. However, to do these activities we must be in good enough golf swingcondition that they benefit us physically and don’t take their toll!

It’s fine to get aches and pains when we train hard or play an extra round of golf, but we naturally want to avoid injuries that put us out of action for a prolonged period of time.


We all know the look of someone with back pain…

Any injury will make us move differently, whether it’s a twisted ankle or a bad back. Initially, the body does this as a protective mechanism, and it will allow us to get through the day. However, these unhealthy movement patterns are quickly learnt and start to become habitual. So even when damaged tissues have healed, poor movement strategies remain and these can prevent full recovery and even contribute to further injury.

This is why rehab is important following injury, as the body needs to be taught to move properly again. Healthy movement uses muscles efficiently, and prevents excessive loading of vulnerable joints. Once these healthy movements have been reinstated a full recovery is closer, and the chance of re-injury lowers drastically. Even the way we sit down and walk can become affected by injury, leaving habits that can cause pain.

Sitting down properly requires hip mobility, control of the low back and balance…

Similarly, for those who are already functioning relatively well, an early intervention to remove bad movement habits can prove invaluable. This “prehab” work decreases the chance of injury, and optimises performance. This is why even the best athletes and sportspeople have trainers watching closely – trying to identify bad habits early and prevent them leading to injury.

So if you’re faced with injury, rehab work is a vital part of what’s required to get you back to full health. Even without injury, you’d probably find improvements in your physical health should you use the right “prehab”.

If this article makes you think that you might benefit from seeing one of our rehab specialists, call the clinic, and we’ll be happy to put you together.

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