Sports Teachers Beware!

Sports Teachers Beware!

Now we are into the Autumn and the schools have gone back, want to share a concern we have here at Openhealth. With the start of the school football, rugby, hockey and netball matches we are beginning to see the usual wide variety of musculo-skeletal injuries to kids.

What worries me is the pressure some teachers put on children to get them back for next “Saturday’s match”. Unfortunately, injuries sustained as a youngster can often lead to more serious a problem come middle age. A bad ankle strain at say thirteen that wasn’t properly treated or rehabilitated, may become a surgical case by the age of thirty five. Obviously, a Sports Teacher never gets to see their pupil in middle age, and therefore doesn’t get the opportunity to consider whether rushing them back all those years ago, might not have been the wisest move.

These days, Sports Teachers and Coaches are very well informed but it is an aspect of their training that I believe needs addressing. My advice to you as parents, would be to get any injury that hasn’t settled by three or four days, checked out. You could just be saving your child from many future visits to people like me.

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