Professional Registration – How can it be wrong!!

Professional Registration – How can it be wrong!!

At Openhealth Clinic, we pride ourselves on having practitioners who are highly qualified. Whether you are seeing one of our Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Massage Therapists or anyone else, we feel it is crucial you have total faith in both the training and safety of each practitioner.

As individuals, we have to register with our chosen Professional Body (General Osteopathic Council, Society of Chartered Physiotherapists etc) and submit an application for renewal on an annual basis. We also have to undertake many hours of CPD (Continued Professional Development) with the aim of keeping abreast of developments within the profession.

I am therefore shocked by the recent acknowledgement that many cosmetic procedures, in particular Dermal Fillers, have been administered by people who haven’t needed any training or qualifications. I understand that at long last, Legislators are about to change the rules. However, it would appear that many Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons wanted for things to be taken a step further and only allow for these procedures to be done under prescription. Can’t say I’m fully behind that. Thinking of our profession, I do not think it would be helpful if a patient had to obtain a prescription to see a Physio or Osteopath privately. Unfortunately, the majority of GPs know very little about musculo-skeletal medicine and even less what an Osteopath actually does!

A Professional Representative Body, a Registration Process – job done.

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