Evidence Based Medicine

Evidence Based Medicine

Just thought I would pass on an interesting chat I had with a colleague recently. She had just attended a conference on “Effective Strapping Techniques”. I’m guessing you are not particularly fascinated by the subject matter, but I am told it was very interesting and well presented.

Apparently the techniques involved a variety of taping methods, from cutting edge Kinesiology type concepts to good old fashioned Zinc Oxide! The attendees finished the day covered in a variety of pink , blue, cream and white tape. Nice! What I found totally refreshing was the fact that the presenter (who apparently helped our Olympic Athletes over the summer) prefaced the entire lecture with “I have no proof of why this works, it just does!”. He went on to detail possible explanations but again re-iterated he had no research and scientific evidence to back these theories up.

In my opinion the medical establishment has been hiding behind this “Evidence Based Medicine” banner for years. Research can prove anything and any in depth analysis of the conclusion and methodology can normally cast doubt on the findings. I am obviously not suggesting we should abandon research; it is clearly essential. I do feel though that certain treatment modalities and concepts should be encouraged, so long as no harm is done to the patient and the patient can experience tangible benefit.

If you would like more information on strapping and taping and how it may help you and your condition, then please feel free to call our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists here at Openhealth Clinic for more information.

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