Are You Ski Fit?


Are You Ski Fit?


We are now well into the ski season, and more and more patients are telling us of upcoming ski holidays. So we thought it would be worth pointing out a few things that might help! Skiing is great exercise, and has a huge following. Yet this comes despite the well-known risks, and I doubt that any of us don’t know of someone who has had an injury of some severity as a result of skiing.

One of the reasons for this is the huge demands put onto the legs as we barrel our way down the slopes. Knees are the most common problem area for no more reason than they are the bendy bit in the middle! It is often said amongst practitioners that “the knee is the victim of the ankle and the hip”, and this is why a good recovery from most knee injuries requires assessment and often some form of treatment directed at the ankle or hip.

But in skiing, the ankle is pretty much taken out of the equation by virtue of being isolated by the boots! That leaves the hips in control of the knees, and good control of the hips requires a stable pelvis and low back, a good core, and enough strength in the legs and glutes.

So our advice to all those about to go skiing is to make sure that your low back has the stability you need, your legs have been doing some exercise to prepare them for the rigours of skiing, and that your hips are under control.

One of the most common signs that patients are at risk is if their knees fall together with everyday movements such as walking, running, or even getting in and out of a chair. This meeting of the knees puts stress on the fibres on the inside of the knee, and this is where a lot of skiing


This is the undesirable position for knees to be in…

injuries happen. With the right corrective exercises this can be put right, albeit sometimes some hands-on work is also needed to get the muscles balanced properly.

If you think you might not be ski fit, then come see one of our physiotherapists, osteopaths or rehab specialists who will be able to advise you, and make sure you get on to the slopes!

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