An Ultrasound Pill!

An Ultrasound Pill!

At Openhealth we firmly believe in the important part Nutrition has to play in life today. Our in house Nutritionalist is very much involved in working alongside our manual therapists. Manual therapy creates the environment for the body to heal itself, nutrition provides the ingredients for the body to work efficiently.

I was very interested to read an article recently about increasing the funding for more research into an Ultrasound Pill. The normal way of investigation the gastro-intestinal tract is via an endoscope. For those of you who have had this procedure, you know it isn’t particularly pleasant, can lead to complications and certainly requires a high level of operator skill. Imagine a pill you swallow that can relay ultrasound images of the tract as it travels along its length. Brilliant! Although this technology (cameras in pills) already exists, the funding is to try and develop both Ultrasound ASSESSMENT and TREATMENT of the deeper gastro-intestinal tissues not just the surface. Presumably the application could be applied to musculo-skeletal disorders.

Watch this space!

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