150 minutes of exercise per week – Realistic?


150 minutes of exercise per week – Realistic?

Pleased to read about the researchers who are claiming the Health Department’s aim for of two and a half hours of exercise per week (especially for older people) is unrealistic.

I’m not pleased with their findings particularly, it is only 20 minutes of activity per day after all. However, there is a great deal of “feast or famine” people out there. Look at Gym memberships in the early part of the year. With New Year Resolutions, people look to attend almost every day. By early February those same people are booking in to clinics like Openhealth for help with their injured shoulder! What we don’t want, is people thinking “I can’t get close to 150 minutes per week, therefore what’s the point of doing anything?”.

The more often that exercise and its’ benefits are discussed within the Press, the more people will make an effort to try something,…..anything. For a 70 year old, a twice monthly walk with the grandchildren might just turn into a bi-daily walk to the supermarket and back.

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