Last Olympic post – promise!

Last Olympic post – promise!

I love my football, I really do. You could argue the players are horrendously overpaid, and you could argue that they are not great role-models. But they are keen to tell everyone who will listen that in that semi-final they lost “we really gave it our all”. Nah! ……………….not even almost.

For those eagle eyed of you watching the 10m Diving last night, you might have remembered one guy diving who they said ” has a bad shoulder injury”. He wasn’t a medal contender, I think he ended up just in the top ten. But through sheer determination, he stood 30 feet above the ground and launched himself into some kind of unbelievable somersault/twist movement. On completion of the dive he calmly swam to the side of the pool with his right arm immobile by his side. He was helped away from the poolside by medics carefully supporting his right arm.

I could see it was dislocated, either the shoulder joint itself or what we call the AC joint. Either way, …..respect! That dive must have been made either with the injury, or with the knowledge that the injury was going to be made much worse.

For what it is worth, that is what I call “giving it our all”. Roll on August 18th!!

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