Cholesterol – A different perspective at last!

Cholesterol – A different perspective at last!

A UK Cardiologist has been in the news recently. He has published an opinion piece in the British Medical Journal. He has been talking about the obsession we have for lowering Cholesterol levels by any means, including taking Statin medication. His concern is based around the fact that, for the last forty years, we have directly linked Saturated Fat with Cardiac Disease. He believes there is no scientific evidence to back this up. The British Heart Foundation have fudged the issue saying that there is conflicting evidence to prove one way or the other, and Randomised Controlled Studies are difficult to create.

He goes on to explain that this obsession is over-shadowing the importance of understanding sugar intake. I think his comments are well founded. It is well documented that “Reduced Fat” variations of processed foods quite often contain massively increased levels of sugar (sometimes as high as 50%), yet minimally reduced fat levels (10%). It is my personal belief that “Sugar” is major issue for the future, our rapidly increasing rates of Type 2 Diabetes is testament to this.

Nutritional understanding for the average person is going to be massive over the next decade. I truly believe people’s desire to understand exactly what they are putting into their bodies and why, will become extremely important. If you would like to consider your Nutrition, please feel free to contact Josie Wareing here at Openhealth Clinic. She can assess your diet and provide helpful advice for achievable changes.

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